Friday, 7 June 2013

Doctor Grayling: A Short Story

Chris Grayling has unwittingly been appointed the shift doctor at a busy A&E. He has no medical qualifications and no experience in treating patients. A man , Mr CJ System, comes into the department with a badly broken leg. Mr System knows he is broken, but luckily he is a doctor and has a good idea of how one would go about sorting his medical issue. Mr Grayling does not. He’s also been told in no uncertain terms by hospital management that he must save time and money in doing his job ! 

“Hmm” thinks Doctor Grayling, “there’s something wrong here, but I have no idea what I’m doing. But I’ve got to do SOMETHING”. Complicated surgery is way beyond his capabilities, would take quite a long time, and cost the hospital cash. He doesn’t want to ask anyone else – after all, he’s the shift doctor and it’s his job to sort the problem.

Suddenly Doctor Grayling thinks of a solution – he’ll just cut the leg clean off ! That will save time and money, and fix the problem of the broken leg (sort of). After all, Mr System can just use a crutch or a cheap artifical leg instead, right?

“DEAR GOD!” screams Mr System as Doctor Grayling hacks away at his leg, “What are you doing?? I know how you can save my leg!!”

“Now, now, quiet down” says Doctor Grayling ,“I’m just doing my job. Patients just don’t know what’s good for them sometimes !”

THE END (Probably)

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